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Celtic Tune Encyclopedia for 5-String Banjo

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Celtic Tune Encyclopedia for 5-String Banjo

Celtic Tune Encyclopedia for 5-String Banjo

by Iain MacLachlan

Over 100 Celtic tunes from Scotland and Ireland arranged for the 5-string banjo. Reels, jigs, marches, stathspeys, hornpipes and waltzes, which are played for traditional dances throughout Scotland. All the tunes are played out of standard G tuning without the use of a capo. They will expand your repertoire and challenge your playing using a mixture of single string, melodic and Scruggs style that will give both of your hands a good workout. Beginning/intermediate. 96 pp.
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  • Deveron Reel
  • Timour The Tartar
  • Dick Gossip
  • Aly's Soond
  • Mrs Macleod
  • De'il Amang The Tailors
  • Staten Island
  • The Mason's Apron
  • The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  • The Merry Blacksmith
  • Temperance Reel Or The Teetotaller's Reel
  • Thunderdog Reel
  • Jack Daniel's Reel
  • Molly Rankine's Reel
  • Dinkie Dorians
  • The Barrowburn Reel
  • The Drunken Piper
  • Johnny Cope
  • My Love She's But A Lassie Yet
  • Lord Randolph's Bride
  • The Duke Of Perth
  • Lady Mackenzie Of Coull
  • Glengarry's March
  • East Neuk Of Fife
  • Jackie Coleman's Reel
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Willafjord
  • St Anne's Reel
  • The Sally Gardens
  • The Maid Behind The Bar
  • The New High Level
  • The Hamilton Rant Or Dr Bob Smith
  • The Dashing White Sergeant
  • Neil Gow's Farewell To Whisky
  • This Is No Ain Lassie
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie


  • Shandon Bells
  • Sweet Biddy Daly
  • The Tenpenny Bit
  • Humours Of Glendart
  • The Jig Run Rig
  • Scarce O' Tatties
  • The Kesh Jig
  • The Boys Of Ballymote
  • Swallowtail Jig
  • Cornerhouse Jig
  • The Geese In The Bog
  • Morrison's Jig
  • Jig Of Slurs
  • The Athole Highlanders
  • Paddy's Leather Breeches
  • Lark In The Morning


  • The Boys Of Bluehill
  • The Gypsies
  • Chief O'neill's Favourite
  • Trumpet Hornpipe


  • Scotland The Brave
  • A Man's A Man For A' That
  • The Barren Rocks Of Aden
  • The High Road To Linton
  • Captain Norman Orr-ewing
  • Flett From Flotta
  • Pipe Major Donald Maclean Of Lewis
  • Pipe Major Jim Christie Of Wick
  • The Balkan Hills
  • Macleod Of Mull
  • Glendaruel Highlanders
  • Murdo Mackenzie Of Torridon
  • The Man From Skye
  • Crossing The Minch


  • Loudon's Bonnie Woods
  • Kafoozalum
  • The Keel Row
  • Orange And Blue

Two Steps

  • Shetland Two Step
  • Looking For A Partner
  • Frank Jamieson Two Step


  • The Patchwork Polka


  • The Dark Island
  • The House Of Macdonald


  • Cameron's Got His Wife Again
  • Highland Whisky
  • Jessie Smith
  • The Piper O' Dundee

March, Strathspey And Reel

  • The Sprig Of Ivy
  • J. F. Mackenzie Of Garrynahine
  • The Apple Tree

Extra Tunes

  • Breakdown
  • Circassian Circle
  • The Brolum
  • Jenny Dang The Weavers
  • The Shetland Fiddler
  • Lord Macdonald's Reel
  • Sleep Sound Ida Morning
  • The Reconciliation
  • Tongadale Reel
  • Rachel Rae
  • Goodnight And Joy Be With You
  • Tarbolton Lodge
  • Haste To The Wedding
  • Skattery Island
  • The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
  • Bonnie Dundee
  • Aros Park
  • The Mathematician
  • The Smith's A Gallant Fireman
  • The Sweetness Of Mary
  • Loch Lomond

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