Celtic Melodies for Fingerpicking Guitar

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Celtic Melodies for Fingerpicking Guitar

Celtic Melodies for Fingerpicking Guitar

by John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, and Duck Baker

Book/3-CD set. This collection of fingerpicking guitar lessons contains invaluable tips and instruction implemented through the arrangements. In addition to the note/tab, the included CDs contain 3 hours of phrase-by-phrase instruction. Selections include: "Planxty Irwin," "Hewlett," "Mist Covered Mountains of Home," more. 24 pp.
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Lesson One: Duck Baker teaches two O'Carolan arrangements. Planxty Irwin is played in a dropped D tuning while Hewlett is played in the key of G.

Lesson Two: I present an air and a dance tune both played in the Open G Minor tuning (D G D G Bb D): Logan Water and Captain Magan.

Lesson Three: John Renbourn teaches two traditional Irish tunes: Mist Covered Mountains Of Home and The Orphan. Both are played in an open Gm tuning featuring counterpoint, ornamentation and playing a melody against a ripple accompaniment.

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