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Celtic Cittern

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Celtic Cittern

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Celtic Cittern

by Doc Rossi

Book/CD pack. The cittern is a 5-course instrument played with a flatpick, capable of handling melody, harmony and backup. Doc tunes his cittern GDADG like the Irish bouzouki but with an extra course on top. The focus here is on melody playing using mostly traditional tunes from Ireland. Doc starts with a quick overview of technique then goes straight into the music, discussing right and left techniques, ornamentation, arranging, and other topics along the way. Assumes some knowlege of basic stringed-instrument technique, so this book is best for intermediate to advanced players. Guitarists can play the tunes by tuning CFCGCF and putting a capo at the second fret. The CD features all the tunes played at a medium tempo. Tunes are presented in separate tablature and notation sections. 74 pp.
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  • The Peacock's Feather
  • The Fairies' Hornpipe
  • The Long Note
  • The Humours Of Kilcogher
  • The Cordal Jig
  • Rodney's Glory
  • Brian O'Lynn
  • A Trip To Athlone
  • The Mist Covered Mountain
  • The Mooncoin Jig
  • The Lark In The Morning
  • An Phis Fhliuch
  • The Swallow Tail
  • The Banks Of Lough Gowna
  • Poll Ha'penny
  • The Cliff & The Galway
  • The Greencastle & The Liverpool
  • The Princess Royal
  • The Blackbird
  • The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  • The Flowers Of Michigan
  • The Temperance
  • The Woman Of The House
  • The Virginia
  • The Log Cabin
  • The Traveler's
  • The Scholar
  • Miss Thornton's
  • Polly Put The Kettle On
  • La Cardeuse & Le Triomphe
  • Jockey To The Fair
  • The Flaxley Green Dance
  • Tom Jones
  • Foul Weather Call & The Dorsetshire Hornpipe
  • Le Concert Ou La Sabatine
  • Mantovana
  • Girandula

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