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Ticket to Nowhere

Ticket to Nowhere

Ticket to Nowhere

2018 - Second release from the now 5-piece New England contra dance supergroup. 11 tracks of, "animating, fun fiddle tunes designed to to distract you enough to unwittingly drive cross-country if you left your car stereo on repeat."

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  1. Kickstart / Ticket to Nowhere / Scenic Express
  2. Chaco Road / Stillwater
  3. Rockbridge Blues / Early Edition
  4. Max & Sophia's Wedding
  5. Thank You, Frank / Was You Ever in Quebec
  6. Bad Dog
  7. Dave likes Rum / Road to Ottawa
  8. Whistling Rufus / Woody's Rag
  9. Deep 6
  10. Beltane
  11. Spiral Staircase

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