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Easy Fiddle Solos

Easy Fiddle Solos

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Easy Fiddle Solos

by Dick Weissman and Mike Connolly

Book with online audio. Original pieces intended to give the beginning fiddler an immediate grasp of the fundamentals of fiddling in an instructive yet enjoyable way. The authors assume the student is capable of reading music in the first position in various keys. Rare in fiddle notation, a tablature system is included with suggested fingerings below each line of music. Melodies are shown with chord symbols for guitar, banjo, or piano accompaniment. Note/tab. 32 pp.

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  • Where the Rivers Change Direction 
  • Where the Rivers Change Direction (faster)
  • W Rolling Scales 
  • Rolling Scales (faster)
  • Arpeggios in Wonderland 
  • Arpeggios in Wonderland (faster) 
  • Tie One On 
  • Tie One On (faster)
  • Bag of Licks 
  • Bag of Licks (faster)
  • The Home Again Waltz (faster) 
  • Drones 
  • Drones (faster)
  • Old Joe Clarke
  • Old Joe Clarke (faster)
  • Mo's Cup of Tea 
  • Mo's Cup of Tea (faster)
  • "B" Careful 
  • "B" Careful (faster) 
  • Don't "Bb" 
  • Don't "Bb" (faster) 
  • Double Fun 
  • Double Fun (faster)
  • Toss the Accordion 
  • Toss the Accordion (faster) 
  • ChiefNiwot
  • Chief Niwot (faster)
  • Four Potatoes
  • Four Potatoes (faster) 
  • Im The Goose Is Gone 
  • The Goose Is Gone (faster)
  • The Red Suspenders
  • The Red Suspenders (faster)
  • Sally Get Your Shoes On 
  • Sally Get Your Shoes On (faster) 
  • Tags: Keys of A, D and G 
  • Tags: Keys of A, D and G
  • Shuffles
  • Shuffles (faster)
  • Steffi's Polka [1:28]
  • Steffi's Polka (faster)
  • Rocky Mountain Waltz
  • Rocky Mountain Waltz (faster) 
  • Rocky Mountain Waltz (With Ornamentation)
  • Rocky Mountain Waltz (With Ornamentation) (faster)
  • Rainy Day Jig 
  • Rainy Day Jig (faster)
  • Four O'Clock Boogie
  • Four O'Clock Boogie (faster) 
  • Some Clues on the Blues 
  • Some Clues on the Blues (faster)

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