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Mastering the Guitar Class Method Short Term Course

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Mastering the Guitar Class Method Short Term Course

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Mastering the Guitar Class Method Short Term Course

by William Bay and Mike Christiansen

Book with online audio & PDF. Written for use in guitar classes which last nine weeks or less. Students receive, in a condensed form, the same high quality, sequential material contained in the Mastering the Guitar Class Method. Although designed for a shorter course, great care has been taken to provide the students with a solid foundation in technique and the fundamentals of playing guitar. Covers: holding position, chords, strum patterns, tuning, reading single note solos in tablature and standard notation, and ensembles all in a variety of music styles. Also contains a section on playing the blues and writing original blues lyrics. Ideal for the exploratory course and provides the perfect springboard for further study. Includes access to online audio and a PDF containing 55 lesson plans. Notation only. 56 pp.
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  • Types of Guitars
  • Parts of the Guitar 
  • Holding Position 
  • Tuning 
  • Simple Chords
  • Learning to Read Tablature 
  • Reading Standard Notation 
  • Notes 
  • Rests 
  • E Note 
  • A New Note (F) 
  • G Note 
  • Em and D Chords 
  • B and C Notes 
  • D Note 
  • The Tie 
  • Dotted Half Note 
  • Notes on the 3rd String 
  • Full G, G7, and C Chords 
  • Strum Patterns 
  • Swing Rhythm 
  • A Wrinkle In Time (ensemble) 
  • Shadow of the Bull (ensemble) 
  • Am and D7 Chords 
  • Malaga 
  • Blues 
  • Notes on the 4th String 
  • A7 and E7 Chords 
  • B7 and Bm Chords 
  • The Blues Progression 
  • Writing Blues Lyrics 
  • Syncopated Strum Patterns 

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