Madrugada - "Daybreak"

Madrugada - "Daybreak"

Marilynn Mair
Madrugada - "Daybreak"

2015 - Original music plus tunes from Guarneri, Milhaud, Egberto Gismonti and others from this mandolinic world citizen; with guests Luiz Simas, Choro das 3 and guitarists Robert N. Martel and Paul Dressel. "Drawing from the past while moving forward, renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair weaves the disparate threads of her extraordinary musical career... into an original tapestry of rare and heartfelt beauty."

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  1. Farrapinho "A Little Rag"
  2. Garoa "Drizzling"
  3. Um Quinto do Ludwig "A 5th of Ludwig"
  4. Valsa Choro No. 11
  5. Uma Coisa Feliz "A Happy Thing"
  6. Balbuciando "Babbling"
  7. Agua e Vinho "Water and Wine"
  8. Enrolado "Spaceshot"
  9. Corcovado
  10. Madrugada "Daybreak"
  11. Valsa No. 9
  12. Benzinho "Sweetie"
  13. Outro Verao "Another Summer"
  14. Eu Quero e Sossego "I Wish for Peacefulness"
  15. Sonatinha

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