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Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic and Minstrel Banjo

Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic and Minstrel Banjo

The Old 78s
Old Time Fiddle Rags, Classic and Minstrel Banjo

2008 -- Banjo trio just like the good old days! Longtime musical partners Curly Miller and Carol Anne Rose hook up with former Skirtlifter Clarke Buehling; they all play banjo and Curly steps up on fiddle and bowed bass - and featuring the Goldtone 5-string cello banjo and the Goldtone 6-string "5-string style" banjos, too! Musical delights from the turn of the 20th century: "Russian Rag," "Indian War Whoop," "Plowboy Hop," "Thunder and Blazes March," "Egyptian Princess," lots more.

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  1. The Sleigh Ride Galop
  2. Cuban Two Step Rag
  3. The Last Rose of Summer / Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms / Come Back to Erin
  4. Indian War Whoop
  5. Russian Rag
  6. Cat Rag
  7. Too Utterly Too
  8. Plowboy Hop
  9. Thunder and Blazes March (Entry of the Gladiators)
  10. Alabama Trot
  11. Far South Medley: Far South / She Am Far Away
  12. Miss Jola
  13. Strauss Waltz Medley
  14. Wildcat Rag / Ruth's Rag
  15. Ricketts Hornpipe / Old Katoone
  16. Devilish Mary
  17. The Wild West Galop
  18. Captain George, Has Your Money Come?
  19. Egyptian Princess
  20. Dream Shadows

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