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Brushwood: Songs & Stories

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Brushwood: Songs & Stories

Norman Blake
Brushwood: Songs & Stories

2017 - From Lookout Mtn. TN comes the great guitarist and old-time songster with all-new original stuff: two instrumental rags, two spoken-word recitations and 15 songs, two co-written with Nancy Blake, who also sings harmony on five songs.
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  1. The Countess Lola Montez
  2. How the Weary World Wears Away
  3. Bunk Johnson / Trumpet Man
  4. High Rollers
  5. The Generic Rag
  6. Waitin' for the Mail and Social Security
  7. The Lantern thru the Fog
  8. There's a Storm Somewhere
  9. Newsome Gap Rag
  10. The Truth Will Stand / When This World's on Fire
  11. Sweet Banks of Flowers / Georgie's Vision
  12. Look Away, So Far Away
  13. The Fate of Oliver Curtis Perry - Empire State Train Robber
  14. The Target Shooter
  15. Fiddlin' Peg Leg Jackson on the Mourner's Bench
  16. The Nameless Photograph
  17. Cripple Charlie Clark
  18. Wreck on the Western & Atlantic / At Willowdale Curve
  19. Stay Down on the Farm

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