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<Download> Women's Guitar Workshop - Download Only


<Download> Women's Guitar Workshop - Download Only

Various artists
<Download> Women's Guitar Workshop - Download Only

This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below or open your Elderly Express Downloads catalog and have it delivered straight to your computer! 1978 Kicking Mule release, first time on CD. This anthology collection features various fingerstyle solos from artists such as Janet Smith, Margo Random, Lynn Clayton, Wendy Grossman, and Gill Burns. A PDF tab/music booklet is on this enhanced CD.
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Gill Burns:

  1. Medley: Off She Goes & Lily Boleiro
  2. Roxborough Castle
  3. Give Me Your Hand
  4. Gillespie's Hornpipe
  5. Fairies' Hornpipe

    Janet Smith:

  6. Green, Green Rocky Road
  7. Piano Mover's Rag
  8. If I'd Have Known
  9. Curried Sunflower Seeds

    Wendy Grossman:

  10. Kemp's Gigue
  11. Atholl Highlanders

    Margo Random:

  12. Little Creature
  13. Top of the Hill
  14. Mosquito Song
  15. Rapid Pips

    Lynn Clayton:

  16. Lord and Lady Fitzwater
  17. Cat and Mouse

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