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<Download> Friends Forever, Guitar Collaborations - Download Only


<Download> Friends Forever, Guitar Collaborations - Download Only

Stefan Grossman
<Download> Friends Forever, Guitar Collaborations - Download Only

This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below or open your Elderly Express Downloads catalog and have it delivered straight to your computer! Featuring blues and jazz duets with Larry Coryell, John Renbourn, Sam Mitchell, Duck Baker, Mike Cooper, and Tokio Uchida.
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  1. Idaho Potato (with John Renbourn)
  2. The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers (with John Renbourn
  3. Spirit Levels (with John Renbourn)
  4. Sunset on Soweto (with Larry Coryell)
  5. Bottleneck Blackout (with Larry Coryell)
  6. Tightrope
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Juicy Lucy (with Mickey Baker)
  9. Ragtime Mama Blues (with Sam Mitchell)
  10. Big Bill's Shuffle (with Duck Baker)
  11. From Berne to Perth
  12. Kicking Up the Dust (with Duck Baker)
  13. Tribute to Lonnie Johnson (with Tokio Uchida)
  14. Shining Shadows (with Tokio Uchida)
  15. Crow Jane (with Rory Block)
  16. Pony Blues (with Rory Block)
  17. Bottleneck's Serenade
  18. Friends Forever

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