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<Download> Bermuda Triangle Exit - Download Only


<Download> Bermuda Triangle Exit - Download Only

Stefan Grossman & Tokio Uchida
<Download> Bermuda Triangle Exit - Download Only

This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below or open your Elderly Express Downloads catalog and have it delivered straight to your computer! Fingerstyle guitar instrumentals in folk, blues, and jazz stylings.
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  1. Bermuda Triangle Exit
  2. Crow Jane
  3. Banty Rooster
  4. F Rag
  5. Black Eye Blues
  6. Kawazu
  7. Dance of the Man Who Ate Raw Chicken
  8. Blues for Clifford
  9. Shining Shadows
  10. Pig Meat Strut
  11. Keep It Clean
  12. Freight Train
  13. Jesse James
  14. Tribute to Lonnie Johnson
  15. Special Rider Blues
  16. Struttin' Rag
  17. Candyman
  18. My Creole Belle

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