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Tim O'Brien

2015 - His first album in four years finds this bluegrass/folk favorite in a diverse mix of deep-roots Appalachian music, field hollers, old-school rock & roll to traditional jazz, and James Brown-influenced funk. "I'm A Mess For You," "Give Me A Little Somethin' Take Her Off My Mind," "I Gotta Move," and more.

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  1. Pompadour
  2. Go Down to the Water
  3. Whatever Happened to Me
  4. The Tulips on the Table
  5. I Gotta Move
  6. Gimme Little Somethin' Take Her Off My Mind
  7. Ditty Boy Twang
  8. Snake Basket
  9. Get Up Offa That Thing
  10. I'm a Mess for You
  11. The Water is Wise 

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