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Steady As She Goes

Steady As She Goes

Various artists
Steady As She Goes

This is a CD-R which is produced by Smithsonian Folkways. Sea songs by Lou Killen, Jeff & Gerret Warner.

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  1. Paddy Lay Back - Jeff Warner
  2. Bold Riley - Louis Killen
  3. Rolling Down To Old Maui - Louis Killen
  4. Jolly Roving Tar - Jeff Warner
  5. Topman And The Afterguard - Louis Killen
  6. Off To Sea Once More - Louis Killen
  7. Strike The Bell - John Benson
  8. Ship In Distress - Jeff Warner
  9. Blow The Man Down - Louis Killen
  10. The Coast Of Peru - Louis Killen
  11. All For Me Grog - Jeff Warner
  12. Shallow Brown - Louis Killen
  13. Bring 'Em Down - Louis Killen
  14. Away Rio - John Benson

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