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Fiddles in the Cow Camp

Fiddles in the Cow Camp

Skip Gorman
Fiddles in the Cow Camp

2 CDs - with Ron Kane, Ruthie Dornfeld, Tom Carter, Meghan Merker "and other Western suspects."

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Disc A:

  1. Streak of Fat, Streak of Lean
  2. Dusty Miller
  3. Spotted Pony
  4. Ways of the World / Cotton Eyed Joe
  5. Best Timber
  6. Great Big Taters
  7. La Golondrina
  8. Chilean Horsemen (Gorman)
  9. Two Bits
  10. Lost Indian (after Eck Robertson)
  11. Last Gold Dollar
  12. Hell Amongst the Yearlings
  13. Bob Taylor's March
  14. La Pecosita
  15. Sally Johnson
  16. Pinedale Waltz / The Black Hills Waltz
  17. Drunken Hiccups
  18. Singlefooting Horse
  19. Man of Constant Sorrow
  20. Indian Nation
  21. Let's Hunt the Horses
  22. Bonaparte's Retreat
  23. Get Up in the Cool
  24. Tom and Jerry
  25. Bitter Creek
  26. Saddle the Pony
  27. Grey Eagle (after Bill Evans)
  28. Never Been East of the Rockies Waltz
  29. Blackberry Blossom (after Ed Haley)
  30. Tom Wagner
  31. Goodbye, Old Paint (after Jess Morris)

Disc B:

  1. Texas Belles
  2. Cowboy's Dream
  3. Buffalo Hump (Gorman)
  4. Red Steer
  5. White Swan Waltz
  6. Shuckin' the Brush
  7. Dust in the Lane
  8. Lost Indian (after Ed Haley)
  9. The Clayhole Waltz / The Rockville Waltz
  10. Red River Jig
  11. Queen of the Earth and Child of the Stars
  12. There's a Brown Skin Gal Down the Road Somewhere
  13. Irish Kelly's
  14. Piney Ridge
  15. Sally Johnson (after Orville Burns)
  16. Grand Picnic
  17. Cold Frosty Morning
  18. Grey Eagle (after Alan Sisson)
  19. Last of Callahan
  20. Prairie Dog
  21. Rye Whiskey
  22. Indian War Whoop
  23. Dally Welters Waltz (Gorman)
  24. Cattle in the Cane
  25. White Horse Breakdown
  26. Fort Smith
  27. The Coyote Howl (Gorman)
  28. Texas Wagoner

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