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DVD - Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki

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DVD - Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki

DVD - Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki

taught by Zan McLeod with Billy McComiskey, button accordion

One of the Celtic music world's most talented bouzouki players teaches tunings, basic scales, and chords, as well as pick techniques and rhythmic innovations (cross picking, strumming patterns, accents and syncopations). Zan then explores the bouzouki through traditional reels, jigs, and slip jigs teaching you how to play in several keys using ringing drone strings, moving lines, chord substitutions, harmonized scales, and counter melodies. Tunes include "Lady Anne Montgomery," "The Galway Rambler," "Kesh Jig," "Barney Bralligan's," and "The Butterfly." For beginners. Note/tab included as either booklet or PDF file on the disc. 90 min.
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