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DVD-The Guitar of Furry Lewis

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DVD-The Guitar of Furry Lewis

Furry Lewis
DVD-The Guitar of Furry Lewis

taught by John Miller

Lewis recorded 25 sides between 1927 and 1929, and was rediscovered during the 1960s. He was one of the most improvisatory of bluesmen. He was a two finger picker with an unusually varied repertoire of right hand attacks. In open tunings, he favored big brush strokes with his thumb on the upbeats, while playing in E, he adopted a very complex, detail-oriented approach. Titles taught include "Stack O'Lee," "I Will Turn Your Money Green," "Kassie Jones," and "Rock Island Blues." Includes tab booklet as PDF file. 89 min.
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  • Dryland Blues
  • Mistreating Mama Blues
  • Billy Lyons
  • Stack O’Lee
  • I Will Turn Your Money Green
  • Kassie Jones
  • Rock Island Blues

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