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Complete Children's Recorder Method

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Complete Children's Recorder Method

Complete Children's Recorder Method

by Michael Jon Clarke and Sigurlina Jonsdottir

The perfect book for young students. The imaginative online audio turns even the simplest one-note exercise into a fun experience, with lyrics for each song. Clear instructions introduce technique and notation concepts gradually. Uses many Icelandic and folk songs, some of which may date from the time of Leif Eriksson! This gives the method a unique flavor and allows the introduction of many unusual melodic and rhythmic elements. Starts with the six easiest notes. F-sharp and B-flat fingerings are introduced later, along with duets.
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Recorder Notes and Fingering Used
Rules of the Game
That was the Note B!
Busy B
Knock on Wood
The Note A
The A Game
The Shark
Where is C?
Little Bird
The Clock
The School Bell
Poor Little Daisy
Early in the Springtime
Home for Tea
My Little Kitten
Row, Row
Squeaky D
Fiddlin’ Freddy
The Birthday Party
Pants and Scarf and Shirt and Socks
Tootle Rock
Softly Sleeping
Three Holes Closed
Little Billy’s Bucket
Church Bells Are Ringing
Hot Cross Buns
Rainy Days
Little Johnny
Mother Dear
Old Joe
Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet
Swan on a Summer Night
Lazy Summer Day
Pretty Birds, Come Sing for Me
Farmyard Cantata
Riding High and Low
Pease Pudding Hot
Just the Same
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Neeh Nah Neeh Nah
Sawing, Sawing
Birds in May
Magnus Sings
Raven Sitting on the Wall
I Shall Sing a Lullaby
Winter Goodbye
The First Day of Spring
Hot Cross Buns!
Jingle Bells
Little Bird
Little Dappled Pony
The Little Indian
My Best Cow
Chinese Bells
Midnight Sunrise
Moo Cow
Come on Home
B flat (Bf)
C sharp (Cs)
F sharp (Fs)
G sharp (Gs)
Learning’s Fun
Old Man Noah
Lullaby from Poland
Bird on the Seashore
The Troll in the Hole
Poor Old Grimm is Off to Town
Icelandic Lullaby
Love and Hate
The Cuckoo
London’s Burning
Shake your Left Leg Out
We are Three Tin Soldiers
Ode to Joy
Marching, Marching
Little Birds Up in the Tree
Hi, hi, ho!
The Bridge of Avignon
Ten Little Fingers
Stop your Crying
Pass the Secret all Around
The Silver Moon
The Moonstones
If I Were a Singer
The Boatbuilder
The School Bus
The Butterflies
Sleeping Beauty
Come Take Up Your Partners
Riding, Riding
Happy Days
Good and Naughty Children
Standing in the Moonlight
Bridal Chorus
Over Mountain and Hillside
As the Moon Sails O’er the Sky
The Golden Plover
Round the Maypole
This Old Man
Brother Joseph
Down in the Hidden Valley
Gryla the Witch
The May Star
Bells and Cymbals
My Bonnie
Summer is in the Air
Little Tommy
Iceland Fortunate Isle!
Long and Thin the Shadows Fall
Raven in the Tree
Sleep my Little Darling
Mowing and Sowing
The Morning Star
Pop Goes the Weasel
Tommy and his Sheep
Jam Session
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