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Woody Guthrie Classics Songbook

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Woody Guthrie Classics Songbook

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Woody Guthrie
Woody Guthrie Classics Songbook

edited by Judy Bell and Nora Guthrie

A deluxe edition featuring 49 of Guthrie's legendary songs along with a bio, introduction, complete lyrics, a discography, photos and original illustrations by Woody Guthrie. Songs include: "Jig Along Home," "Roll On, Columbia," "Sinking of the Reuben James," "This Land Is Your Land," "Tom Joad," more. Melody with full lyrics and chord symbols. 64 pp.
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  • 1913 Massacre (W Guthrie)
  • All Work Together (W Guthrie)
  • Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done (W Guthrie)
  • Bling-Blang (W Guthrie)
  • Cleano (W Guthrie)
  • Dead Or Alive (W Guthrie)
  • Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (W Guthrie/M Hoffman)
  • Do Re Mi (W Guthrie)
  • Dust Bowl Blues
  • Dust Bowl Refugee
  • Dust Can't Kill Me (W Guthrie)
  • Dust Pneumonia Blues (W Guthrie)
  • Dust Storm Disaster (W Guthrie)
  • Dying Miner (W Guthrie)
  • East Texas Red (W Guthrie)
  • Goin Down The Road (W Guthrie/L Hays)
  • Grand Coulee Dam (W Guthrie)
  • Grassey Grass Grass (Grow, Grow, Grow) (W Guthrie)
  • Gypsy Davy ( W Guthrie)
  • Hard Travelin' (W Guthrie)
  • Howdi Do (W Guthrie)
  • I Ain't Got No Home (W Guthrie)
  • I've Got To Know (W Guthrie)
  • Jackhammer John (W Guthrie)
  • Jesus Christ (W Guthrie)
  • Jig Along Home (W Guthrie)
  • Little Seed (W Guthrie)
  • Mail Myself To You (W Guthrie)
  • My Daddy (Flies A Ship in the Sky) (W Guthrie)
  • New York Town (W Guthrie)
  • Oklahoma Hills (Jack & Woody Guthrie)
  • Pastures Of Plenty (W Guthrie)
  • Philadelphia Lawyer (W Guthrie)
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (W Guthrie)
  • Put Your Finger In The Air (W Guthrie)
  • Ramblin' Round (W Guthrie/H Ledbetter/J Lomax)
  • Riding In My Car (W Guthrie)
  • Roll On, Columbia (W Guthrie/H Ledbetter/J Lomax)
  • The Sinking Of The Reuben James (W Guthrie)
  • So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh (W Guthrie)
  • Takin' It Easy (W Guthrie)
  • Talking Dust Bowl (W Guthrie)
  • This Land Is Your Land (Guthrie)
  • This Train Is Bound For Glory (W Guthrie)
  • Tom Joad (W Guthrie)
  • Union Maid (W Guthrie)
  • Vigilante Man (W Guthrie)
  • Why Oh Why (W Guthrie)
  • Woman At Home (W Guthrie)

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