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Gibson "the Banjo" 1927 Reprint

Gibson "the Banjo" 1927 Reprint

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Gibson "the Banjo" 1927 Reprint

Reprint of 1927 catalog. Lots of period photos of banjo players and drawings of banjos. Covers the banjo's possibilities in "Radio and Recording, The School Orchestra, Dance and Concert, The Soloist, The Home." Fun stuff, with detailed descriptions of the banjos. 23 pp. Instruments featured include Mastertone Tenor Banjos - styles TB-6, TB-Granada, TB-4, TB-3; Tenor Banjos TB-1 and TB-2; a color insert with Florentine and Bella Voce models; the Mandolin-Banjo - styles MB-3, MB-2, MB-1; Mastertone Plectrum Banjos - styles PB-3, PB-6, PB-Granada, PB-4; Gibson Style PB-1; Regular Banjos - styles RB-Granada, RB-4, RB-3, RB-1; Mastertone Guitar-Banjos - styles GB-3, GB-1; Mastertone Cello-Banjo, style CB-3; Ukulele Banjos - styles UB-1, UB-2, UB-3, UB-4. Also describes the Tone-Master, an "in-built tone control, worked by a natural and instinctive pressure on the arm rest." 23 pp."

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