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Ukulele Methods

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  1. Exploring the 'Ukulele-An Intermediate Guide
    Inspired by their collaborations as performers and instructors, Daniel and Herb present their second 'ukulele instructional book. In this intermediate-level book, they cover strumming patterns, arpeggios, second position chords, 3rds, 6ths, pentatonic scales, picking and fingering exercises, Hawaiian turnarounds and seven more traditional and original songs for your further study and enjoyment. Note/tab. 52 pp. Learn More
  2. 101 Ukulele Licks - Essential Blues, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, and Rock 'N' Roll Licks for the Uke
    Book with online audio. From blues to bluegrass, uke can play it all! You get over a hundred authentic licks notated for the ukulele plus tons of extras - common chord progressions, scales, uke history, recommended listening, information on uke builders, blogs, web sites, more! The audio features a demo of every lick and play-along tracks with chord progressions for practicing and jamming. Now includes Playback+, an audio player that lets you slow down without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right. Note/tab. 48 pp. Learn More
  3. Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2
    Book with online audio. Picks up where Book 1 leaves off, with an emphasis on melody playing and related right-hand techniques. You'll expand your chord and scale vocabulary, learn new right-hand techniques and new songs. Covers: D, Bb,and A chord families, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, 6/8 time, movable chords, diminished chords, the ragtime strum, five-finger roll, calypso strum, triplet stroke, how to play boogie-woogie, Tin Pan alley songs, more. The audio contains 51 tracks of songs for demonstration and play along. Note/tab. 48 pp. Learn More
  4. Fingerstyle Ukulele: Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Gospel and More!
    Yes, a ukulele instructional book devoted entirely to the right-hand technique known as "fingerpicking:" plucking individual strings with the right hand instead of strumming. The author says "The music I've chosen to teach these techniques with is drawn from American roots music. I hope that if you prefer other styles, you can still learn something and apply the techniques to your own music." Links to YouTube videos throughout the book! that demonstrate the tunes and techniques. All tablature, no notation - 47 pp. Learn More
  5. Fretboard Roadmaps - Ukulele
    Book with online audio. The pros can ad lib hot solos and play backup in any key, all over the fretboard. Now you can too! Learn how to: strum backup chords anywhere on the fretboard, in any key; play chord solos up and down the fretboard; solo in any key using first-position major scales, chord-based licks, and moveable major and blues scales; understand chord progressions; increase your chord vocabulary; more. The 59 track audio contains demos of all the licks, riffs and tunes in the book, plus four split-channel practice tracks. Note/tab. 80 pp. Learn More
  6. 20 Progressive Fingerstyle Studies for Uke
    Book with online audio. 20 fingerstyle studies for ukulele written for players looking to expand their prowess on the instrument. Covers styles and genres as wide-ranging as blues, jazz, minimalism and serialism, showcasing the versatility of the instrument. Each study is designed to be fundamentally pedagogical while keeping performance and expression in mind. Touches on arpeggios, scales, modes, ii-V-I chord sequences, strumming, syncopation, campanella fingerings, improvisation, hammer-ons and pull-offs. Designed to build technique in both hands. Mastery of these studies will give you the tools to tackle any style of music. Note/tab. 36 pp. Learn More
  7. The Ukulele Way - Book 3
    Book/CD pack. The Ukulele Way is a musical journey, an array of complementary print, audio, video and online materials you can follow on a path that suits your needs, interests and learning style. At its heart is this series of six books that teach you to combine melody, harmony and rhythm on a single instrument. James Hill de-mystifies this musical juggling act step-by-step with clear, well-organized lessons, helpful exercises and a range of popular, traditional, jazz and classical arrangements, each recorded on the CD by the author. Book 3 covers: the F major scale, the double strum, playing in thirds, chording on and off the beat. "Take This Hammer," "Long, Long Ago," "Streets of Laredo," "Au clair de la lune" and "Donkey Riding" (2 variations) are the included arrangements. GCEA tuning, with separate sections covering the same material in re-entrant tuning (High G) and linear tuning (Low G). Notation only. 41 pp. Learn More
  8. Ukulele Chord Melody - Plain and Fancy
    Book with online audio. Once you’ve made some progress on your uke, you might be interested in learning to play solo instrumental arrangements of songs. This is known as Chord Melody Style, where you play the melody and parts of the chords at the same time. This book illustrates the principles for achieving chord-melody with 17 well-known tunes at two different levels, Plain and Fancy. You've heard these tunes before, making it easy to learn and practice. Eventually you'll take these principles forward and arrange tunes on your own. Tablature with chord diagrams. 58 pp. Learn More
  9. Kev's QuickStart for Fingerstyle Ukulele, Volume 2
    Book with online audio. Learn fun and interesting Exersongs™ specifically created to help you develop fingerstyle techniques. Covers techniques used in classical, folk, Spanish, and contemporary fingerstyle arrangements. The arrangements are fun and interesting and range from easy to intermediate. Chock full of ukulele info with secret fingerpicking techniques, arrangements written for fingerstyle ukulele, more. For Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukuleles in Standard C Tuning (High G). Note/tab. 44 pp. Learn More
  10. Learn to Play Slack Key Style 'Ukulele
    Book with online audio. Want to play beautiful Hawaiian melodies on your 'ukulele? Now you can! Slack Key–Ho `alu–is a melodic, finger-picked guitar style created by Hawaiian paniolo in the mid-19th century, known as “Hawaiian soul music." It's only natural that some 'ukulele players in Hawaii would re-tune their instruments and play slack key style. Nothing sounds so sweet.

    This book is both a course of study and a collection of great solo arrangements that start out easy and increase in difficulty. No matter if you are a dedicated beginner wanting to expand your playing or an advanced uke-a-banger looking for a new challenge, you'll find music to delight your fingers and stimulate your ear. Note/tab. 88 pp.

    • Notes on the tunings, reading music and reading TAB

    • Guided lessons help you develop your style

    • Graded arrangements from easy to advanced

    • Over 30 great arrangements

    • Learn how to create your own slack key style arrangements of classic Hawaiian songs

    • Playable on any ‘ukulele with a low G string Learn More
  11. Discovering Fingerstyle Ukulele, Vol. 1
    Book with online audio. Discover new skills with this comprehensive guide to fingerstyle playing on the uke. Learn how to navigate the fretboard and play melodies and harmonies with fluidity and expression. Begin with chord shapes already familiar to all ukulele players and expand your musical palate with new chords, rhythmic ideas and right-hand techniques. Features: 41 pieces in a variety of musical styles, supporting exercises to help you quickly master new skills, chapters organised by key to consolidate new positions, more. Note/tab. 173 pp. Learn More
  12. Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for Ukulele
    Book with online video. Great songs have four things in common: a strong intro, a powerful ending, a melodic hook or catchy riff, and memorable lyrics. If you'd like to learn how to spice up your repertoire, let Lil' Rev show you how a simple intro or ending can really lift a tune up. You'll explore early jazz, blues, rock, folk and old time traditions. Open to anyone who already knows some basic chords and is willing to venture up the neck a little. Includes nearly an hour of video lessons featuring performances by Lil' Rev. Note/tab. 45 pp. Learn More
  13. How to Play Solo Ukulele - A Comprehensive Guide to Arranging Songs for Solo Performance
    Book with online audio. For soprano or concert uke. Designed for the intermediate ukulele player, this book guides you to a new level of musicianship on the instrument. By learning to arrange songs for solo performance on the uke, you'll gain musical knowledge in scale and chord theory, harmonization, song form, picking techniques such as fingerstyle and chord-melody, and lots more. Includes 14 popular songs arranged for solo ukulele in a variety of styles, along with a complete process of "How to" do it yourself. Includes audio demo tracks for almost every example in the book. "All Apologies," "Annie's Song," "Beyond the Sea," "Blue Skies," "Into the Great Wide Open," "Please Please Me," "Ring of Fire," "Space Oddity," "This Land Is Your Land," "You Are So Beautiful," more. Note/tab with chord diagrams. 96 pp. Learn More
  14. Chord Melody Method for Uke - How to Create Melodies and Chord Solos
    Book with online audio. Helps you create melodies and chord solos using a fun, simple, visual approach. Does not require that you read notation or have a comprehensive understanding of music theory. With a little practice you'll be playing and creating chord melodies in no time. Chord and fretboard diagrams. 119 pp. Learn More
  15. Jazz Ukulele - Comping, Soloing, Chord Melodies
    Book with online audio. Learn the essential theory, concepts, and techniques to perform jazz on ukulele. Helps you understand and play jazz harmonies and tension substitutions, and the principles for improvisation and accompanying other musicians. You'll learn to: play jazz scales and harmonies and understand the relationship between them, use effective fingering and strumming techniques, create comping patterns to accompany other musicians; improvise, creating solos that work well with the tune's harmonies; more. The online audio lets you hear the concepts and practice along with a jazz combo. By the end of the book you'll be able to play ukulele in ensemble and solo settings. Note/tab. 86 pp. Learn More
  16. Kev's Quickstart Ukulele Blues - Licks, Tricks & More
    Book/CD pack. Designed as a guide to help you learn to play & jam the blues. You'll gain a basic understanding of blues ukulele to amaze and impress your friends, family, and even your dog. You'll learn blues form, 12-bar blues, blues shuffle rhythm, 8-bar blues shuffle, the secret method of jamming, how to bend the notes, blues scales in different keys, minor blues, blues songs, more. CD contains 67 lesson tracks PLUS bonus Jam Traxs. GCEA tuning. Note/tab. 38 pp. Learn More
  17. Slide & Slack Key Ukulele - A Collection Of Songs, Licks, Tunings And Techniques
    Book with online audio. Two uke books in one - one for slide ukulele and the other for slack key ukulele. The slide ukulele pages cover choosing a slide, how to use the slide, and slide in C, G and standard tuning. Songs: "Amazing Grace," "John Henry," "Oh Mary, Don't You Weep," "This Little Light of Mine," "When the Saints Go Marching In," more. The section on slack key ukulele covers fingerpicking and rolls, chords and slack key in C and G tuning, and the songs: "Ahe Lau Makani," "Imi Au La Oe," "Ku'u Pua I Paoakalani," "Nani Na Pua Ko'olau," "Sanoe," "Wai O Ke Aniani," more. Note/tab. 56 pp. Learn More
  18. Uke Rhythms: Picking and Strumming Patterns
    Book with online audio. Gives you the tools necessary to create powerful and compelling grooves on the ukulele. Rhythmic strumming techniques are presented in simple and easy to understand steps. The techniques are then combined in musical examples, including rock, Hawaiian, blues, Celtic and contemporary styles. Standard notation and tablature, with strumming diagrams. Intermediate. 36 pp. Learn More

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