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Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist - Set: Volumes One and Two

Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist - Set: Volumes One and Two

Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist - Set: Volumes One and Two

by Bruce Emery

Save $5.90 on the set of both volumes in this popular series! Includes 578-2 "Musical Principles For The Skeptical Guitarist: Volume One - The Big Picture," and 578-3 "Musical Principles For The Skeptical Guitarist: Volume Two - The Fretboard."

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Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist: Volume One-The Big Picture:

The First Approach

Notes and pitches 
The layout of the notes 

Tuning the guitar
Chords and chord quality
The Big Fifteen chords
Playing in different keys 

The 1-4-5 system
C-A-G-E-D examples 
Chord Families 

The 1 and 5 chords 

Songs in different keys 

The 1, 4 and 5 chords Songs in different keys 

"Silent Night" in all 5 keys 

Choosing the right key 

Using the capo 
Quiz time for the 1-4-5's 
Finding the starting note
Adding the Minor chords 

Songs in the Keys of G and C 

"Rhythm Changes" Secondary Dominants 
Bunches of useful chords (A-G)

The Second Approach

The Chromatic scale 
Layout on the neck 

The Major scale 

The Key of C 

Scale degrees and other keys 

The Key of G 

Worksheet for Major scales 

Traveling by Fifths 

Major scale summary 

The flat keys 

The fretboard and the keyboard 

Major scale exercises 

Back to Chord Families
The C Harmonized Diatonic scale 

Major chords versus Minor chords 

Four combinations of Thirds Other 

Chord Families 

Worksheets for Chord Families 

C-A-G-E-D Chord Family summary 
Example: "Morning Has Broken" 
Full Chord Family summary 

Transposition chart 

Details of the 1-4-5 relationship 

The Dominant 7th chord
Overlapping Chord Families 

Chord substitutions 

Triad spellings 

My Bio 
Circle of Fifths 
More on Secondary Dominants 

Examples in the Key of C 

Down by a 5th = up by a 4th 

Backcycling through all the keys 

C-A-G-E-D Chord Family examples 

Mixing in the Minor chords 

The Jazz Turnaround 

"Morning Has Broken" again 

Yuletide Backcycling in a the C-A-G-E-D keys 
Starting notes 
Shortcuts in terminology
The 4th of the 4th 

Major 7th and Minor 7th chords 

Minor keys 

C Major versus A Minor 

Three kinds of Minor scales 

Carols in the Keys of Am, Dm, and Em 

Appendix 1: Why the number "five"? 

Appendix 2: Key signatures 

Volume One in a nutshell
One last quiz

Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist: Volume Two-The Fretboard:

Reviewing the C Major scale
Chord voicings, starting with C
Adding the 6th string
Skipping strings
Chord tone personalities
Other C-A-G-E-D chord form voicings
Worksheet for other voicings
Back to the G chord form voicings
Comparing the C and G voicings
My own E, A and D voicings
E chord form voicings
The movable E chord form
A chord form voicings
The movable A chord form
Using the E- and A-shapes together
D chord form voicings
Drop D tuning
Summarizing the E-, A- and D-shapes
Chord shapes...our story so far
Complex chord qualities
C complex chord qualities
Adding the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th degrees
Worksheets for G, E, A and D complex chords
Weird little exercise
Chords with the same quality compared
1-4-5 complex chord progressions
The five basic chord shapes
C chord in C, A, G, E and D shapes
The entire tamale
Partial chord shapes
The other C-A-G-E-D chords
6th-string versus 5th-string roots

Bring out your capo!
Capo placement chart
Scale shapes / box patterns
C scale in C, A, G, E and D shapes
C Major scale all over the neck
Traveling from pocket to pocket
Major scales other than C (finally)
Keys of D, Eb, E, F, G, A and Bb
Chord qualities other than Major
Minor chords
Dominant 7th chords
Movable barre chords
Minor 7th chords
Minor 6th chords
Minor sus2 and sus4 chords
Walking chord progressions
Quadrads of the Harmonized Diatonic scale
Exercises and explanations
Worksheet: "Rhythm Changes"
Movable 2-5-1 progressions
Summary of Chord Family quadrads
Oddball Quadrads
Diminished 7th chords
Augmented and Augmented 7th chords
Minor-Major 7th chord
Chromatic walkdown progressions
Quadrad Extensions: 9th, 11th and 13th
C, G, E, A and D quadrad extensions
Sample chord progressions
How to put chords to a melody
"Frere Jacques"
Harmonizing by Thirds, Sixths and Tenths
Combining them in "Frere Jacques"

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