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Caged System Pack

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Caged System Pack

Caged System Pack

by Ernie Hawkins and Pete Madsen

Book/CD/DVD pack. Includes the book/CD pack "The CAGED System for Guitar" (49-696047) and the DVD "The CAGED Guitar System Made Easy" (300-DVD308) in one budget-saving package. The book will help you clearly map out the fretboard with recognizable forms and shapes that intertwine sensibly. The result is the confidence to play what you want, where you want. Covers major, minor and 7th chords, song structures, shortcuts, and info on studying theory. Note/tab. On the DVD Ernie lays out a clear and easy method for finding any chord, scale, note or lick--in any key--anywhere on the fingerboard. You'll learn how five basic chord shapes can reveal all the scales, intervals, and voicings you need to play any kind of music, plus drills, exercises, practice tips, and basic theory. 47 page book, 85 minute DVD.
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