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Jewish Songs for Classical Guitar

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Jewish Songs for Classical Guitar

Jewish Songs for Classical Guitar

by Fred Fastow, edited by Jeffrey Van

25 very nice arrangements of traditional Jewish songs including Sabbath, holiday, and folk songs. "Havah Nagilah," "Zum Gali Gali," "Chiribiribim," "Ufaratzta," "Oyfn Pripetchok," "Let My People Go! (Go Down Moses)," "Adon Olam," "Hinei Mah Tov," "Wedding Dance," "Misirlu," "Hatikvah," more. Also includes categorical index. Notation only. 28 pp.
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  • Havah Nagilah (Come Let Us Rejoice)
  • Eileh Chamda Libi (These Are the Pleasures of My Heart)
  • Mipi Eil (From the Mouth of God)
  • Rozhinkes Mit Mandelen (Raisins and Almonds)
  • Eliyahu HaNavi (Elijah the Prophet)
  • Lo Yisa Goy (Nation Shall Not Lift Sword Against Nation)
  • Artzah Alinu (We Have Gone Up to the Land of Israel)
  • Yism'chu Hashamayim (Let the Heavens Rejoice)
  • Zum Gali Gali (Israeli Pioneer Song)
  • Ketzad M'rakdin (A Little Dancing)
  • Chiribiribim (Welcoming the Sabbath Bride)
  • Ufaratzta (And You Shall Spread Out)
  • Tumbalalaika (Play the Balalaika)
  • Oyfn Pripetchok (Jewish Alphabet Song)
  • Dayeinu (It Would Have Been Enough)
  • Let My People Go! (Go Down Moses)
  • Adon Olam (Sovereign of the World)
  • Cuando el Rey Nimrod (When Nimrod Was King)
  • Yisraeil V'oraita (Israel is My Light)
  • Hinei Mah Tov (How Good It Is)
  • Wedding Dance
  • Misirlu (Mediterranean Dance)
  • Birkat Hamazon/Oseh Shalom (Maker of Peace)
  • Od Yishama (There Shall Yet Be Heard)
  • Hatikvah (The Hope-Israeli National Anthem)

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