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The Renaissance Guitar

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The Renaissance Guitar

The Renaissance Guitar

by Frederick Noad

Book/CD pack. The first in Noad's popular series of guitar music from various musical eras. Music for lute, vihuela, pandore and more by Dowland, Byrd, Cutting, da Milano, and many other Renaissance composers. Pieces are arranged in progressive order from simple to more challenging. Notation only. 119 pp.
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  • Air(John Dowland)
  • Almain (Francis Cutting)
  • Alman [Johnson, Robert]
  • As I Went To Walsingham (Anon)
  • Ballet (Elias Mertel)
  • Branle De Bourgogne (Adrien Le Roy)
  • Branle Gay (Jean Baptiste Besard)
  • Come Heavy Sleep (John Dowland)
  • Drewrie's Accordes (Anon)
  • Entree De Luth (Robert Ballad)
  • Fantasia (Alonso De Mudarra)
  • Fantasia(Anon)
  • Fantasia [Dowland, John]
  • Fantasia (Miguel De Fuenllana)
  • Galliard (Alfonso De Mudarra)
  • Galliard( Anthony Holborne)
  • Galliard (Philop Rosseter)
  • Galliard To The Flatt Pavin (John Johnson)
  • Go From My Window (Anon)
  • Greensleeves (Francis Cutting)
  • Guardame Las Vacas (Luis De Narvaez)
  • Lady Hammond's Alman (John Dowland)
  • Lady Hunsdon's Alman (John Dowland)
  • La Rossignol (Anon)
  • Lesson For Two Lutes (Anon)
  • Melancholy Galliard [Dowland, John]
  • Morenica Da Me Un Beso (Juan Vasquez)
  • Mrs. Anne Harecourt's Galliard (Francis Pilkington)
  • Mr. Southcote's Pavan (Thomas Ford)
  • Mrs. Taylor's Galliard (Philip Rosseter)
  • My Love Hath Vowed (Thomas Campion)
  • Never Weather-beaten Sail [Campion, Thomas]
  • Of My Complaints Could Passions Move (John Dowland)
  • Pavan (Luis Milan)
  • Queen Elizabeth's Galliard (John Dowland)
  • Recercate Concertante (Francesco Da Milano & Joanne Matelart)
  • Rest Sweet Nymphs (Francis Pilkington)
  • Shall I Come Sweet Love To Thee (Thomas Campion)
  • Sonnet(Enriquez De Valderrabano)
  • Spagnoletta (Anon)
  • Tanz (Georg Fuhrmann)
  • Tarleton's Resurrection [Dowland, John]
  • The Cobbler (Anon)
  • The Flatt Pavin (John Johnson)
  • The King Of Denmark's Galliard (John Dowland)
  • The Night Watch (Anthony Holborne)
  • The Parlement (Anon)
  • The Round Battle Galliard [Dowland, John]
  • Toda Mi Bida Os Ame (Luis Milan)
  • Toy For Two Lutes (Thomas Robinson)
  • Toy (Francis Cutting)
  • Volt (Anon)
  • When From My Love (John Bartlet)
  • When To Her Lute Corinna Sings (Thomas Campion)
  • Wilson's Wilde (Anon)

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