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Delta Blues Guitar Book

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Delta Blues Guitar Book

Delta Blues Guitar Book

Book/3-CD set. The Mississippi Delta of the 1920s-1940s was a treasure chest of powerful blues performers. These lessons detail tunes by Willie Brown, Tommy Johnson, and Mississipi John Hurt. Note/tab, with 3 CDs of phrase-by-phrase instruction for the intermediate guitarist. 16 pp.
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Two famous Delta blues in the key of E: 
Willie Brown's M & O Blues
Tommy Johnson's Bye Bye Blues

Willie Brown's Future Blues in an Open G tuning (D G D G B D) presents many of the hallmark licks that were also used by Willie's two close friends, Charlie Patton and Son House.
Mississippi John Hurt played totally differently in the Open G tuning and we discuss his arrangement of Frankie.

Recorded in 1942 by Alan Lomas for the Library of Congress, Willie Brown's Mississippi Blues (a different Willie Brown then the one presented in our first two lessons) is an unusual Delta blues played in the key of A that imitates the popular piano blues of its time. This unusual arrangement has become a standard in today's fingerpicking repertoire. We conclude this lesson with a discussion of various blues licks in A.

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