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A Celtic Fair

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A Celtic Fair

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Maggie Sansone
A Celtic Fair

by Maggie Sansone

Book with online audio. Music for the hammered dulcimer from the album of the same title. Maggie has created a perfect collection for all levels of playing, including both a beginning "melody-only" version and challenging intermediate versions with variations, ornaments, flams and bass runs. Two early music pieces present the melody, and a version for duet and quartet with bass line. The music is drawn from jigs, reels and airs from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, France and Renaissance dance manuscripts. Presented as the basic melody with chords. Many of the tunes include a variety of advanced techniques and use of unusual modes and scales and interesting chord substitution to add spice and challenge you. Multiple levels. 56 pp.
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  • How To Use This Book
  • Embellishments
  • About The Hammered Dulcimer
  • About Maggie Sansone
  • Selected Discography
  • About The Recording (From The Liner Notes)
  • Reviews For A Celtic Fair
  • THE TUNES: (tunes are presented in the same order as they appear on the recording A Celtic Fair)
  • 2 SCOTTISH BRANSLE, Gm and Am, melody and chords
  • 3 SCOTTISH BRANSLE, Gm, in 4 parts
  • 4 SCOTTISH BRANSLE, Am, in 4 parts
  • 5 BRETON JIG, melody and chords
  • 6 BRETON JIG, arrangement
  • 7 CASTLEBAR, melody and chords
  • 8 CASTLEBAR, arrangement
  • 9 TRAIN TO DUBLIN, melody and chords
  • 10 TRAIN TO DULBIN, arrangement
  • 11 BRETON AN DRO, F#m - 1st round
  • 12 BRETON AN DRO, Bm - 2nd and 3rd round
  • 13 CIRCLE DANCE, melody and chords
  • 14 CIRCLE DANCE, arrangement
  • 15 WATCHMAKER, melody and chords in 2 octaves
  • 16 WATCHMAKER, arrangement
  • 17 HIGH REEL, melody and chords
  • 18 SILVER SPEAR, melody and chords
  • 19 COMB YOUR HAIR AND CURL IT, melody and chords
  • 20 COMB YOUR HAIR AND CURL IT, arrangement
  • 21 BUTTERFLY, melody and chords
  • 22 BUTTERFLY, arrangement
  • 23 BARNEY BRALLAGHAN, melody and chords
  • 24 BARNEY BRALLAGHAN, arrangement
  • 25 VARIATION on PRETTY GIRL MIKLING A COW, melody and chords
  • 26 VARIATION on PRETTY GIRL MILKING A COW, 3 page arrangement
  • 27 HIGHLAND BOAT SONG, arrangement with alternate chords
  • 28 HIGHLAND BOAT SONG, 2 page arrangement with variation
  • 29 ROUND OF LOUDEAC, melody and chords in 2 octaves
  • 30 ROUND OF LOUDEAC, 2 page arrangement
  • 31 THE WREN, melody and chords
  • 32 THE WREN, 2 page arrangement
  • 33 DONEGAL HIGHLAND, melody and back up arrangement
  • 34 DONEGAL HIGHLAND, arrangement
  • 35 MOTHER AND CHILD, melody and chords
  • 36 WOMAN OF THE HOUSE, melody and chords
  • 37 MAIDEN LANE, G and A, melody and chords
  • 38 FRENCH RENAISSANCE DANCES, melody and chords
  • 39 FRENCH RENAISSANCE DANCES, 2-part arrangements
  • INDEX, tunes in alphabetical order

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