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A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle

A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle

A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle

by Paul McNevin

A comprehensive tutor for both the absolute beginner and more advanced players who want to learn this exciting idiomatic style. Contains scales, exercises on bowing and ornamentation, more. Includes 85 easy-to-play jigs, reels, hornpipes, more. 112 pp.

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  • Alexander's Hornpipe
  • An Phis Fliuch
  • An Tsean Bhean Bhocht
  • Apples In Winter
  • Bakerswell Polka No. 1
  • Bakerswell Polka No. 2
  • Bunclody
  • Carolan's Draught
  • Chief O'neill's Favourite
  • Christmas Eve
  • Coleman's Slip Jig
  • Con Thadhgo's
  • Dennis Doody's
  • Drops Of Spring Water
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Duggan's Polka
  • East Of Glendart
  • Fainne Geal An Lae
  • Garret Barry's Jig
  • German Polka
  • Going To The Well For Water
  • Hardiman The Fiddler
  • Harvest Home
  • Jackie Coleman's
  • Jenny's Chickens
  • Joe Cooley's Reel
  • Johnny Leary's Polka
  • Kerry Slide No. 2
  • Mairseail Francach (Maguire's March)
  • Mary Willie's
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Mo Ghile Mear
  • Morrison's Jig
  • O'connell's Trip To Parliament
  • O'sullivan's Fancy
  • Off To California
  • Out In The Ocean
  • Planxty Irwin
  • Port Na Bpucai
  • Rakish Paddy
  • Siobhan Hurls
  • Sliabh Na Mban
  • Sonny Murray's
  • St Anne's Reel
  • Taimse Im Chodladh
  • Tatter Jack Walsh
  • Tell Her I Am
  • Terry Teahan's
  • The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
  • The Blackhaired Lass
  • The Boys Of Blue Hill
  • The Britches Full Of Stitches
  • The Bucks Of Oranmore
  • The Butterfly
  • The Cameronian
  • The Cliffs Of Moher
  • The Coach Road To Sligo
  • The Connaughtman's Rambles
  • The Hag's Purse
  • The Hare's Paw
  • The High Part Of The Road
  • The Humours Of Kilkenny
  • The Job Of Journeywork
  • The Kerry Polka
  • The Kesh Jig
  • The Knocknaboul
  • The Little Stack Of Barley
  • The Morning Dew
  • The Mountain Road
  • The Old Favourite
  • The Orange Rogue
  • The Otter's Holt
  • The Pigeon On The Gate
  • The Plains Of Boyle
  • The Priest
  • The Rights Of Man
  • The Rose In The Heather
  • The Roundabout
  • The Roving Pedlar
  • The Star Above The Garter
  • The Star Of Munster
  • The Tap Room
  • The Three Note Jig
  • The Wise Maid
  • This Is My Love Do You Like Her
  • Thug Me Ruide
  • When Sick, Is It Tea You Want?

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