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Blues Guitar From Scratch

Blues Guitar From Scratch

Blues Guitar From Scratch

by Bruce Emery

Fundamental riffs, chords and scales, plus slide technique. Lots of 12-bar blues examples and a section on major pentatonic scales.Gets you started on the theory and practice of improvbisation, a skill essential to good blues. If you haven't yet discovered Emery you are in for an unexpected treat! He is funny, clear and totally non-intimidating. Recommended. Spiralbound, 88 pp.

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  • Comping for Twelve-Bar blues
  • Blues Shuffle in the Key of A
  • Swing Rhythm
  • Variations
  • Blues Shuffle in the Key of E
  • Alternatives to the B riff
  • Variations
  • Syncopation
  • Guitar Boogie in E - adding the 3rd
  • The Major-Minor ambiguity
  • Variations
  • Harmonizing the Blues Shuffle
  • Chordal comping for Blues in E
  • Harmonizing and comping in A
  • Blues lead playing – Pentatonic Scale
  • Em pentatonic box pattern
  • Letter names of the notes
  • Exercises
  • Simple licks
  • Extra notes
  • Adding the 3rd
  • Adding the b5th and the 7th
  • Noodling with nine
  • Adding the 2nd and the 6th
  • Expanded box pattern
  • Blues turnaround
  • Singing the blues
  • Hybrid blues
  • Partial chord forms
  • Here we go up the neck
  • Movable Em box pattern
  • Em shape of the Am
  • pentatonic scale
  • Exercises
  • Simple licks
  • Extra notesAdding the 3rd
  • Adding the b5th and 7th
  • Bending the 4th
  • Adding the 2nd and 6th
  • Double-stops
  • Exercises in blues soloing
  • Other box patterns
  • Gm box pattern
  • Dm box pattern
  • Shifting between box patterns
  • Cm box pattern
  • Am box pattern
  • Back to the Key of E
  • Em box pattern / Em pentatonic scale
  • Shape-shifting
  • Major Pentatonic Scale
  • Key of G
  • Examples
  • Here we go up the neck
  • Keys of A and C
  • Keys of D and E
  • Slide Guitar
  • Standard Tuning
  • Am pentatonic scale
  • Right-hand muting
  • Open G Tuning
  • Chords and accompaniment
  • Playing lead
  • Twelve Bar example
  • Open D Tuning

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