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Bluegrass Banjo: Progressive Method

Bluegrass Banjo: Progressive Method

Bluegrass Banjo: Progressive Method

by Bill Keith & Jean-Marie Redon

Book/CD set. A complete, progressive method for beginners. It offers a brief history of the banjo, a detailed description of the instrument, its parts and accessories. It also explains how to tune your banjo, proper technique for the right and left hand, musical theory, and chords. Lots of exercises and examples in tablature form, with recordings on the CD. The second part provides 27 tunes in tab, including "Dueling Banjos." Intermediate. 84 pp.

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Part One
  • I A Brief History Of The Banjo 
  • Ii Banjo Parts 
  • Iii How To Select And Get To Know Your Banjo
  • 1 Sound Quality 
  • 2 Description And Quality Of The Banjo Parts 
  • Iv Banjo Gear 
  • V How To Tune Your Banjo 
  • Vi How To Read A Tab 
  • Vii The Right-Hand Technique 
  • 1 The Right-Hand Position 
  • 2 Exercises/Rolls 
  • Viii The Left-Hand Technique 
  • 1 The Left-Hand Position 
  • 2 Left-Hand Techniques 
  • 3 Chords 
  • Ix The Other Chords – Music Theory 
  • Building Chords 
  • Intervals 
  • Intervals Chart 
  • X Practice 
Part Two– Tabs
  • A Pop Banjo Song 
  • Old Joe Clark 
  • I’ll Stay Around 
  • Ozark Mountain 
  • Steel Banjo Rag 
  • Orangis Express 
  • Detour 
  • Little Sadie 
  • Blackberry Blossom 
  • Devil’s Dream 
  • Arkansas Traveler 
  • Importune 
  • Turkey In The Straw 
  • Danse Casse Talon 
  • Sunday’s Hornpipe 
  • Sugarfoot Rag 
  • Opus 57 
  • Beating Around The Bush 
  • Acadie 
  • Red Fox 
  • Jordu 
  • Auld Lang Syne 
  • Passage De L’ouest 
  • Phosphène 
  • Bougie Woogie 
  • Dueling Banjos 
  • Mr Glubo 
Part Three
  • Other Scales 
  • Licks 
  • Endings 
  • Last But Not Least
  • Banjo Players

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