Elderly Instruments Holiday Gift Guide 2023

 Music making and gift giving are about finding inspiration, sharing what we love, and sparking joy in others. And while many musicians may have visions of Martin Guitars, Deering Banjos, or an Electric Guitar dancing in their head, we’ve put together this gift guide to help you find a gift that is thoughtful and a quality product no matter your budget. 

Gifts - Under $25

Bellavance Stickers

 Bellavance Ink Vinyl Stickers

Spruce up your car, water bottle, or laptop with unique flair using vinyl stickers by Jesse Bellavance. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, Jesse's inkpen art brings a dash of creative charm to your everyday items!

Elderly Instruments T-shirts

Elderly Instruments T-Shirts

Show your unwavering support for Elderly Instruments with this limited edition shirt! Featuring a captivating hand-drawn depiction of our iconic Lansing, MI location, this t-shirt proudly displays your connection to our musical community.

Not sure what size or color? Grab a Gift Card and let them choose.

D'addario Eclipse Tuner

D'addario Eclipse Headstock Tuners

Get in tune quickly and accurately, whether you're backstage or under the spotlight, with the Eclipse chromatic clip-on tuner. It's not just any tuner; it sports a colorful display, powers off automatically, and adjusts to your pitch needs. Plus, its sleek design is super discreet. Twist and turn it for the best view, and it'll fit snugly on any instrument – right or left-handed. And hey, they even thrown in a CR2032 battery to get you started!

Gifts Under $100

Korg Metranome
Korg KDM3 Digital Pyramid Metronome, Black

Improve your musical timing in style. Many musicians neglect the metronome, and the Korg KDM3 is here to help you stay in time. A great gift for any musician, from beginner to expert.

Cooperstand Musical Instrument Stand Wooden

 Cooperstand Pro-G Professional Folding Portable Wooden Instrument Stand

This ultra-portable stand fits acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, banjos and more. Weighing less than a pound and measuring just 4" x 9" x 1.5" folded, this sweet stand fits in a hardshell case behind the headstock of most acoustic guitars.


Shure SM58 and SM57 Microphones

Shure SM57 and SM58 Microphones

Considered by many to be the standard by which all others are compared, you can’t go wrong with a SM57 or SM58. Whether you’re shopping for a studio whiz or a stage performer, having a quality microphone is an absolute game changer.

Gifts for the Serious Musician

D'Addario Tour-Grade Power Base Musician Power Strip

D'Addario Tour-Grade Power Base Musician Power Strip

Meet D'Addario's Tour-Grade Power Base – your trusty sidekick for life on the move. Designed with musicians in mind, it offers 8 outlets (5 regular, 3 for those bulky transformers) to power up your gear. Its low, wide design and sturdy metal housing are designed to stay put. Plus, with its cable management, you can wrap up and roll out without any cord chaos. Whether you're rocking out at home or hitting the road, this Power Base keeps you organized and powered up wherever your music takes you.


Peterson Strobostomp Tuners

Peterson Strobostomp Tuners

Step into the world of pro tuning with Peterson's StroboStomp HD! For over 70 years, big names on stage and in the studio have sworn by Peterson for spot-on tuning accuracy. Imagine having that 0.1 cent precision right at your feet in a compact pedal tuner. The large HD LCD strobe display is a game-changer – especially with its customizable LED backlight. A pop-less true bypass mode and a buffered output mode place you in command of your precious tone without compromise. And with over 130 exclusive Sweetened Tunings® plus Guided Tunings, you're not just tuning up; you're tuning like a legend. Ready to make every note count?


 Access PFX1 Musician's Carry-All

Access PFX1 Musician's Carry-All

No more gym bags, backpacks or grocery store totes. This incredibly rugged and useful bag carries up to 50 pounds of gear and keeps it all organized. The main bag measures about 12"x 12"x 7" and can be subdivided into 3 internal compartments with outside access that can each be configured to suit your needs. There are also 4 external pouches. It has heavy-duty zippers for all compartments, a sturdy handle, and a removable padded shoulder strap. It's perfect gift for every gigging musician.


Gifts for Kids

 Hohner Beginner's Harmonica

Hohner Beginner's Harmonica

Got a budding harmonica player or a little musician in your life? This is the perfect gift for them! It's a fun, standard 10-hole diatonic harp that's great for beginners. With its vibrant plastic comb and a colorful translucent body, it's as eye-catching as it is fun to play. And the surprise? You get a random color with each harmonica ordered. Plus, it's tuned to the key of C and offers fantastic value. A great way to start their harmonica journey!

Green Tones Eco Friendly Wooden Animal Shakers

Green Tones Eco-Friendly Wooden Shakers

Get ready to shake up some fun with Green Tones Animal Shakers! Perfect for tiny hands, these adorable shakers are not just toys, but a safe way to introduce the little ones in your life to the joy of music. Crafted from eco-friendly Rubberwood, a sustainable resource, and finished with non-toxic paints, they're as kind to the planet as they are to kids. Durable, delightful, and designed for ages 6-12 months, these shakers make an excellent gift to shake away the blues. 


Fender Mini Stratocaster Black

Squier Mini Stratocaster in Black

Looking for the perfect gift for the budding guitarist in your life or someone with a travel bug who can't part with their music? Check out the Squier Mini Stratocaster! It's tailor-made for beginners, young rock stars in training, or those on the go. This latest version boasts a slimmer, more comfortable body, an easy-to-play neck, and a handy side-mounted output jack. Shred in style with the classic single-coil Strat pickups and the iconic Stratocaster design. Whether they're just starting out or need a trusty companion on their journeys, the Mini Strat is a surefire hit!

Elderly.com Digital Gift Card

Can’t decide? Every musician loves a gift certificate!

Did she say she wanted a ukulele or a banjo? Did Dad say he needed a guitar stand or guitar strings? Take the risk out of guessing and sponsor their next trip to elderly.com, so they can decide whether to go big on a new mandolin or stock up on guitar picks for the next 50 years.