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Avalon Blues: The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt, Vol. 2

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Avalon Blues: The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt, Vol. 2

Mississippi John Hurt
Avalon Blues: The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt, Vol. 2

taught by Stefan Grossman

Book/3-CD set. This thorough collection of fingerpicking guitar lessons contains invaluable tips and instruction implemented throughout the arrangements. The three CDs give 3 full hours of note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Lesson One: Altered tuning (Open D). Songs: "Avalon Blues," "Sliding Delta," "If You Dont Want Me," and "Payday." Lesson Two: "Coffee Blues," "Monday Morning Blues," and "Candyman." Lesson Three: "C.C. Rider," "See See Rider," "Stack OLee Blues," "Big Leg Blues," "Ill Go With Her Blues," and "Corrina, Corrina." Note/tab. Intermediate. 32 pp.
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  • Avalon Blues
  • Sliding Delta
  • If You Don't Want Me
  • Payday
  • Coffee Blues
  • Monday Morning Blues
  • Candyman
  • C. C. Rider
  • Stack O'Lee Blues
  • Big Leg Blues
  • Corrina, Corrina


Lesson One: Key Of E: Mississippi John's blues in E are very distinct and unusual. Avalon Blues is a showcase arrangement that illustrates many of John's musical approaches in this key. This is followed by Sliding Delta. John did not play many tunes in an open D tuning but You Don't Want Me and Payday conclude this lesson. There are both gems!

Lesson Two: Key Of A: Blues in A were a tour de force in Mississippi John's repertoire. His Coffee Blues and Monday Morning Blues are fine examples of his blues playing in the key of A. We conclude with his Candyman.

Lesson Three: Key Of D: Some of John's finest playing can be found in his arrangements in the key of D. These capture a country blues feel within a piano sounding style. C.C.Rider, Stagolee, Big Leg Blues and Corrina Corrina are fine examples of this.

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