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Autoharp Conversion Kit, 15-Bar, Blank

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Autoharp Conversion Kit, 15-Bar, Blank

Autoharp Conversion Kit, 15-Bar, Blank

For 15-bar Autoharp. With all holders, springs, pre-felted bars, and buttons. Installation instructions, written by our repair shop staff, are now included. Chords are Bb, C, D, Eb, F, & G major; A7, C7, D7, E7, F7, G7; Am, Dm, Gm - This may not perfectly replace your old chord bar assembly. There are known spacing issues with older Autoharps, which can usually be worked around. The chord bar holders may need to be repositioned and some felts trimmed so the felts line up properly. Drilling new screw holes in your autoharp may be required. More details...
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For 15-bar Autoharp. With blank bars. Buttons are glued to bars and as of mid-2017 are pre-printed with the standard chord names. Each bar has a complete strip of uncut felt. Kit comes with all holders, springs, attachment screws and installation instructions written by our repair shop staff. Choose this kit if the pre-cut bars do not fit the string spacing on your autoharp. Also useful if you want non-standard chords, though you will need to re-label the buttons. NOTE: We highly recommend this kit over the one with pre-cut felts due to string spacing differences between models and over the many years that Autoharps have been built.

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