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Written Instrument Appraisal

Do you need an appraisal of your instrument? We are often asked to provide written appraisals of valuable fretted instruments. Whether your instrument is a 100 year old family heirloom or a recently made "guitar of your dreams", there are many good reasons to have it appraised. A reputable appraisal helps you establish the current value for estate purposes, for theft or loss, or if you wish to sell. In any of these situations you want to be sure that your instrument is neither undervalued nor overvalued. Thus, it is also wise to update your appraisals, at least every 5 years or so.

The charge for a written appraisal is $50.00

Submit payment here, after you complete & submit the form below

Elderly Instruments has been buying and selling fine vintage and used instruments since 1972. We have sold many thousands of instruments in all price ranges - all the big brand names as well as a huge variety of lesser known makers. We have seen and sold just about everything, and our experience and integrity in the vintage instruments business is what makes us attractive to all parties interested in appraisals. Our 3 main appraisers have been on staff at Elderly for a combined total of over 100 years.

How to Get Your Appraisal Done

I. Submit the form below or send the information with photos by snail mail.
We will need good quality photos, accurate description of the condition and any unusual features, including the state of originality (to the best of your knowledge) and serial number or unusual marks. We will also need your contact information (email, street address & phone) and payment information.

If you have more than one instrument, please submit a separate form for each one.

We will mail you the completed appraisal via US Mail as well as via email.

Appraisal requests we receive through the mail (i.e. not in person) will be accompanied by a qualifying statement explaining that we can only be certain of the appraisal to the extent that the information and photos we received provide all relevant and accurate information about the instrument.

II. You may also bring your instrument(s) to our store in Lansing, Michigan.
It is generally most efficient to make an appointment for an appraisal. Call 517-372-7880 ext 102 or email us at

III. If you wish an appraisal of an instrument you have bought from us in the last two years we will provide that appraisal at no charge.

Since 1972 we have been in the business of buying, selling and consigning all vintage and used fretted instruments, especially acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, basses, amps, and more. Please consider us if you are interested in any of these options.

Fill out the form below, attach 4-6 photos, and click the Submit Form button.

Instrument Information

  • Please describe the general condition of the instrument in regard to finish, action, wood cracks, repairs, non-original parts, type & condition of case:

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