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DVD - Anyone Can Play Guitar Chords

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DVD - Anyone Can Play Guitar Chords

DVD - Anyone Can Play Guitar Chords

taught by Vern Juran

Designed to help the beginning and intermediate guitarist to learn the most commonly used chords. The use of split-screen shows how the chords are built and how they should sound. Teaches major, minor and 7th chords forms, more. 30 min.
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Introduction & Tuning
Understanding Chord Diagrams
C Chords

  • C, C7, Cm, Cm7, CMaj7, Cdim, Caug

D Chords

  • D, D7, Dm, Dm7, DMaj7, Ddim, Daug

E Chords

  • E, E7, Em, Em7, EMaj7, Edim, Eaug

F Chords

  • F, F7, Fm, Fm7, FMaj7, Fdim, Faug

G Chords

  • G, G7, Gm, Gm7, GMaj7, Gdim, Gaug

A Chords

  • A, A7, Am, Am7, AMaj7, Adim, Aaug

B Chords

  • B, B7, Bm, Bm7, BMaj7, Bdim, Baug

D♭ Chords

  • D♭, D♭7, D♭m, D♭m7, D♭Maj7, D♭dim, D♭aug

E♭ Chords

  • E♭, E♭7, E♭m, E♭m7, E♭Maj7, E♭dim, E♭aug

G♭ Chords

  • G♭, G♭7, G♭m, G♭m7, G♭Maj7, G♭dim, G♭aug

A♭ Chords

  • A♭, A♭7, A♭m, A♭m7, A♭Maj7, A♭dim, A♭aug

B♭ Chords

  • B♭, B♭7, B♭m, B♭m7, B♭Maj7, B♭dim, B♭aug

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