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Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar

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Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar

Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar

by Ken Perlman

Book/CD pack. This follow-up to "Fingerstyle Guitar" (49-112) features 33 highly playable guitar arrangements for advanced players and a guide to technical and theoretical knowledge for intermediate players who want to advance. Explores new techniques such as drone bass, walking bass, boogie-woogie bass, stride bass, slapping the strings, movable jazz-chord forms, more. Tunes are organized according to genre: Alternating Bass Pieces, Country Blues, Fiddle Tunes, Ragtime, more. All tunes are played on the CD. Formerly titled "Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar." Note/tab. 213 pp.
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  • Georgia Camp Meeting
  • Travelin' Man
  • Living in the Country
  • Brown's Ferry Blues
  • Sunday Street
  • Blue Railroad Train
  • Piano Mover's Rag
  • Careless Love
  • Police Dog Blues
  • Bullfrogs on Your Mind
  • Silver City Bound
  • Big Road Blues
  • Hesitation Blues
  • Trouble in Mind
  • Cold Feet Blues
  • The Mississippi Blues
  • Tobin's Favourite
  • Curranta for Mrs. Elizabeth Murcott
  • Banish Misfortune
  • Foxhunter's Jig
  • Swingin' on a Gate
  • Taylor's Twist
  • Bonnie Charlie
  • Billy in the Lowground
  • O'Carolan's Welcome
  • Tracy's Rag
  • Le Voyage Pour L'Irlande
  • Hot Chestnuts
  • Andy's Augmented Rag
  • The Way You Look in the Dark
  • Paragon Rag
  • Mary-Joan or the Seige of Leningrad
  • Philosophy Rag

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