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Family Owned

Elderly Instruments is a family owned and operated music store, all about the music since 1972. With our staff of experienced musicians we can help you out in many ways that others cannot. Our in-depth knowledge of musical instruments (vintage and new) informs us so we can provide the best to you. No other distractions for us - music and instruments are what we do.

Something for Everybody

We are truly a one stop fretted instruments shop! We offer instruments (used and new), parts and accessories, books, cds, and much, much more! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, we have everything you’ll need to advance your music making.

We’re Easy to Deal With

Come in and play any of our instruments. No need to ask permission, whether you’re dreaming or buying. If you’re not near us in Michigan, look through our web site or give us a call. We’d be happy to give you a “hands-on” description or play an instrument over the phone (or on Skype).

The Best in Repairs

Our world renowned eleven man Repair Shop offers top notch restoration services plus expert setup to keep your instruments playing and sounding their best.

Quality, Variety, Advice, Great Prices

We have the instrument for you. With thousands of new and used guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles (or the amp or effect. . .) waiting to be played, you can’t go wrong. Along with the big names, we carry many instruments from individual crafts-persons and medium-size makers. Whether you live nearby or thousands of miles away, you can trust our opinions and advice. Nobody here works on commission. We offer competitive pricing on all inventory items and work hard to maintain that standard.

Speedy Shipping

Once received, orders ship the same day or the next business day over 95% of the time. We offer enhanced shipping options that minimize your wait - all so you can enjoy your purchase as soon as possible.

Trade-Ins, Consignments and Selling to Us

Whether you’re upgrading or simply building (or minimizing) your collection, we can help. We buy, we sell, we accept trade-ins, and offer consignment services (i.e. we can sell it for you for a reasonable consignment fee).

How Elderly is Our Used Stock?

Some are pretty darn old! We always have a lot of great used and vintage instruments. Our 40+ years of experience with vintage instruments means we have handled just about everything over the years, and we know what we are looking at. The majority of these instruments are repaired (as necessary) and set up by our Repair Shop.

AS-IS Instruments

Some instruments are offered AS-IS. Many of these need minor work; some need a lot. We describe them in detail so you know what you are getting. If you like to do your own repair work these may be for you, but note that some repairs are very challenging and may require a skilled crafts-person to be done right.


The Werbins
This Web Site is Really Great!

People are already telling us how much they like our new web site. If you take a small amount of time navigating through it you will see how easy it is to find what you are looking for. Browsing is fun for the budding or experienced musician.

We have the answers. We play what we sell. We teach what we sell. Like you, we play and care about instruments and the people who play them. We care about you, and we care about music.

Stan Werbin
Elderly Instruments
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“Buy an instrument and create its history”