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GIBSON F-5 (1924)

GIBSON F-5 (1924)
EC-, signed and dated by Lloyd Loar on Dec. 1, 1924, triple top-bound body, headstock and tortoise plastic pickguard, triple side-bound neck, pearl flowerpot and "The Gibson" inlays in headstock, pearl button arrowhead tuners, "The Gibson" tailpiece cover (may be original, but standard F-4 style tailpiece), adjustable ebony bridge (stamped "PAT'D JAN. 18 21"), sunburst finish flamed maple neck, back and rims, carved spruce top, very rare, fully original (well, okay, we replaced 2 missing tuner screws with period correct ones), in the same family since at least the 1930's, excellent structural shape (crack free), some evident scratches on the finish, but not too bad, as you can see in the photos, one tuner button has cracked and been reglued, sounds great, frets could be dressed, on consignment, with red-lined oblong OHSC ### NOTE THAT THIS MANDOLIN IS NOT ON OUR PREMISES. IT CAN BE VIEWED AT THE DENVER FOLKLORE CENTER BY APPOINTMENT ONLY WITH 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE -- CALL STAN WERBIN AT 517-334-5800 OR HARRY TUFT AT 303-777-4786 FOR MORE INFO OR TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ### (SN:79756)
90U-5005... - No longer available -
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