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Vintage & Used Instruments - Resonator Back Banjos (5-string)

EC- except needs minor work (heat press neck, install new bridge, install resonator, shim neck for proper angle, cleanup, restring, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS). Can there be a more collectible Harmony banjo than this? Blue neck and headstock (which says "BICENTENNIAL '76" with 8 stars), 22 frets, dot inlays, 30 brackets, blue band with stars on back of white bakelite resonator with a large decal of a Bald Eagle with "Stars and Stripe" badge, banner in eagle's mouth reads "E PLURIBUS UNUM", 26-7/8" scale, ~10-15/16" head, 1-1/8" nut width, black bakelite rim, with SSC
70U-2432 - No longer available -
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