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GIBSON A-50 (late 1930's) 13 Photos
VG-EC, teardrop body, sunburst finish, bound spruce top, f-holes, maple back and sides, mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 20 frets, adjustable rosewood bridge, headstock overlay features logo inlay, 4-on-a-plate open gear tuners, missing pickguard and tailpiece cover, sold AS-IS (needs neck press, fret work, side seam reglued, strings, set up, etc.), 1-7/32" nut, 14-1/2" scale, with SSC
90U-6574 $900.00 buy

KENT ELECTRIC A (1970's) 14 Photos
EC-, sunburst finish, double bound teardrop body, spruce top, f-holes, maple back, sides and neck, bound rosewood fretboard, zero fret, dot markers, 18 frets, 1 single coil pickup, classic tailpiece, adjustable bridge, tortoise-w-b pickguard, heastock features logo, 4-on-a-plate tuners, built in Japan, sold AS-IS (needs fret work, clean up, strings, set up, etc.), 1-3/16" nut, 14" scale, with SSC
90U-6716 $125.00 buy

KENTUCKY KM-300E 11 Photos
Cool solid body electric, 4 (four) strings, bound modified F style body, set neck, bound rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 20 frets, 1 single coil lipstick pickup and controls mounted on tortoise-w-b pickguard, snazzy harp-style tailpiece, adjustable bridge, modern tuners, 1-3/32" nut, 13-7/8" scale, with gigbag, EC- except needs work (cleanup, new strings, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS)
90U-6788 $275.00 buy

KENTUCKY KM-350S (recent) 13 Photos
Sunburst finish, A-style, f-holes, all solid woods, spruce top, maple neck, back, and rims, white-bound 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, pearl dot inlays, 1-1/8" nut width, ~14" scale, w-b-w-bound top, white-bound back, adjustable rosewood bridge, made in China, with Superior brand gigbag, EC- except needs work (restring, cleanup, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS) (SN:060120-2)
90U-6780 $275.00 buy

KENTUCKY KM-620 14 Photos
Sunburst finish, double bound F-style 2-point body, flat scroll, spruce top, f-holes, maple back, sides and neck, bound rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 21 full frets with 9 partial frets on extension, adjustable rosewood bridge (including Fishman pickup with external jack), gold tuners with pearloid buttons, fern headstock inlay, ~1-7/32" nut, 14" scale, imported from Asia, with shaped black HSC (blue lining), VGC-EC except needs work (level and dress frets, new strings, setup, cleanup, etc., plus two extra internal top braces were once added, presumably to counteract some earlier top sinkage - sold AS-IS)
90U-6771 $350.00 buy

KENTUCKY KM-675 (1998) 13 Photos
F-5 style, all solid woods, carved spruce top with f-holes, maple back, rims and neck, white-bound 29-fret rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, 1-1/8" nut width, 14" scale, adjustable rosewood bridge, w-b-w bound body and headstock, flowerpot headstock inlay and "Kentucky" logo, chrome tuners with pearloid buttons, built in Korea, with shaped HSC (violet lining), EC except needs some work (clean, dress frets, replace missing tuner button screw, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS) (SN:98300082)
90U-6695 $585.00 buy

MARTIN 2-15 (1953) 12 Photos
Double bound teardrop body, sunburst finish on carved spruce top, tone bar bracing, f holes, dark natural finish on flame maple sides, (arched) back and neck, ebony fretboard, dot markers, 22 frets, clamshell tailpiece, wood bridge, dark (DARK) tortoise plastic pickguard, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, 4-on-a-plate tuners, sold AS-IS (needs top crack addressed, bridge adjustment, strings, set up, etc.), 1-3/16" nut, 13-3/4" scale, with no case, VGC except open top crack and some light overspray (entire instrument) (SN:21262)
90U-6270 $885.00 buy

MARTIN STYLE 4 BOWL BACK (1904) 12 Photos
Bent spruce top, abalone top trim and rosette, Brazilian rosewood skirt, 30 Brazilian rosewood ribs, mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, style 4 inlay pattern,, 20 frets, classic tailpiece, ebony bridge, tortoise plastic pickguard features floral inlay, headstock (with cutout) features Brazilian rosewood overlay, 4-in-a-can tuners, sold AS-IS (needs top braces reglued, fret work, strings, set up, etc.), 1-1/8" nut, 13" scale, NO CASE. From the Martin records we find that this particular mandolin was originally owned by O.F. Bitting (later known for his "Bitting Special" mandolins made by Martin). Bitting was a music teacher in nearby (to Martin) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and over the next ten or so years the mandolin was repaired several times by Martin, VGC except repaired headstock and entire instrument oversprayed (SN:1479)
90U-6487 $1,100.00 buy

Very rare model (fewer than 160 built), double bound teardrop body (Brazilian rosewood binding), bent spruce top, oval soundhole, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, dot inlays, 20 frets (refretted some time ago), ebony bridge, clamshell tailpiece, inlaid tortoise plastic pickguard, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, 4-on-a-plate tuners with ivoroid buttons, Martin hot stamp on back of headstock and inside backstrip, sold AS-IS (needs top crack addressed, refret, reglue pickguard, strings, set up, etc.), 1-1/4" nut, 15-3/8" scale, no case, EC- except open top crack (SN:13511)
90U-6712 $1,185.00 buy

Tobacco sunburst finish, carved spruce top, maple back and sides, maple neck with abalone block inlaid rosewood fingerboard and scooped extension, bound body, neck and peghead, gold Grover tuners, adjustable ebony bridge, gold tailpiece, fancy peghead inlay, crafted in Korea, 1-5/32" nut width, 13-7/8" scale, no case, EC except needs work (dress frets, fit bridge to top, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS) (SN:06040094)
90U-6551 $435.00 buy

MICHAEL KELLY LF5-E (2010) 15 Photos
EC, sunburst finish, double bound 2 point F style body, solid spruce top, maple back, sides and neck, bound rosewood fretboard, block markers, 24 frets, adjustable bridge, unique tailpiece, bound headstock with flower and logo inlays, 4-on-a-plate tuners, gold hardware, Fishman System 1 pickup / preamp system, built in Asia, sold AS-IS (needs fret work, strings, set up, etc.), 1-5/32" nut, 13-3/4" scale, with HSC (SN:J 10080041)
90U-6776 $450.00 buy

NATIONAL TRIOLIAN (1937) 11 Photos
Painted-on wood grain finish, pear-shaped metal body, sunburst finished neck, ivoroid-bound 18-fret rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, 1-1/4" nut width, ~15" scale, original biscuit bridge and 9-1/2" cone, matching wood grain painted sieve coverplate, nickel tailpiece, "NATIONAL" etched headstock overlay, 4-on-a-plate tuners with white plastic buttons, with shaped OHSC, EC- except needs work (dress frets, shim cone for coverplate clearance, replace broken case handle, restring and set up, etc. - sold AS-IS), price reduced (SN:A4158)
90U-5341 $1,275.00 buy

9-1/4" body width, teardrop shape, repaired top and back cracks plus some pick-wear, R faded natural finish curved spruce top and figured 2-piece maple neck, rims, and curved back (small repaired headstock crack, stable), 17-fret ebony fingerboard with dot inlays (refretted), non-original ebony bridge, tortoise plastic pickguard set into top, rope pattern top binding, engraved nickel tuning machine cover plates and tailpiece cover, ivoroid tuner buttons, gold "WEYMANN - KEYSTONE STATE - MANDOLUTE" decal on back of peghead, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, 1-3/16" nut width ~13-3/4" scale, no case, VGC+ except needs work (dress frets, reglue back crack, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS)
90U-6407 $735.00 buy

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