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Search Tips and Options

If your search returns a high number of results, be sure to use the "browse" links at the right of the search results. These links break down the results by category, which makes it easier to jump to the results you want.

To find items matching a word or all of several words, just type them into the search box.
Johnny Cash

To match an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in double-quotes like this:
"Johnny Cash"

To search for either one term or an other, use the word or between them in the search form like this:
Johnny or Cash

To prevent returning unwanted items, you can remove items from the results by using the minus sign before the word you wish to exclude. For instance, to find cash but not Johnny Cash, type
Cash -Johnny
    or, alternately:
cash not Johnny

Alternative search engine

You may also try the search engine below, which is the orginal Elderly.com search engine. Most of the features described above on this page do not apply to this form. Unlike the regular search, this one will find "parts" of words (substrings) as well as whole words.
For example, in the advanced search, the term "Cash" will also match "Cashdollar" in addition to the word "Cash".

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