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A Follow-Up Bluegrass (Flatpicking) Guitar Workshop with BOB McCLOY

For a special deal, also see Bob's February 17 Bluegrass 1 Guitar Workshop. Share

Saturday , March 10, 2007
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Elderly Instruments
workshop ($40.00)

First things first, in case you missed the February event
entries: Bob's first Bluegrass (Flatpicking) Guitar workshop,
also priced at a very reasonable $40, is being offered on
February 17. You can register for both the February 17
Bluegrass Guitar workshop and this follow-up Bluegrass Guitar
workshop for just $70, saving $10.

Bob stresses, first, that these two workshops both incorporate
right-hand flatpicking technique, rather than
fingerstyle; second, that although Bluegrass 1 is recommended
before taking Bluegrass 2, it is not a prerequisite; and third,
that in order to gain the most benefit from these workshops or
either of them, students should be comfortable with the basic
open chords G, C, D, A,, F, Am, Dm, and Em.

Bluegrass 2 begins with flatpicking fiddle tunes. Such popular
fiddle tunes as Arkansas Traveler, Devil's Dream, Black
Mountain Rag
and others will be used in order to illustrate
playing in a more "melodic" or "scale"-based approach.

Technique developed within fiddle tunes will then be used in
order to present improvisation over chord progressions using
scales and arpeggios, applied to both tunes and songs.
Additional topics will include altered scales and the use of
double stops and chord fragments while improvising.

Methods and exercises will be presented that are designed to
build a relaxed, flowing, and accurate right hand. The goal is
to develop the ability to play in better time while projecting
with volume and tone.

As with February's Bluegrass 1 workshop, students should be
comfortable with basic open chords G, C, D, A, F, Am, Dm, and

Tape recorders are welcome in Bob's workshops, although all
workshop material will be provided to students in the form of a
course pack, which includes an instructional CD containing
recordings of all workshop material and sheet music in both
standard notation and tablature, in order to assist students in
practicing more effectively.

Bob has been a popular instructor at Elderly (in all levels and
styles of guitar, mandolin and fiddle) for nearly 30 years.
His experience in teaching thousands of students helps them to
become "musically self-sufficient" (which is one of Bob's
primary goals for his students) while turning their work into
play. Satisfied guitar student Jim Bowes explains, "...He is
adept at understanding what the student needs in order to be a
better player."

For more info and samples you can visit Bob's website (by
copying and pasting this link)

Check out merchandise we carry featuring Bob McCloy

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