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IRISH SESSION TUNES: THE BLUE BOOK selected by Brid Cranitch
Book/CD pack. In an Irish session, tunes are played in sets and unless you know how to get from one tune to the next you'll crash! Based on the many sessions he's played in or listened to, Brid Cranitch has selected 100 tunes in 40 sets of 2, 3 or 4 tunes so that you can learn the tunes and work on transitions. "Wandering Minstrel/Fasten the Leg in Her," "Trip to Durrow/The Ships are Sailing," "Blacksmith/Cup of Tea," and other reels, jigs, polkas & slides. CD contains all 40 sets. Each part of the tune is played twice, the first time close to the written music, the second time varies. The entire tune is played only once and then transitions to the next tune. With Sheila Gary on fiddle and Brid Cranitch on piano. 48 pp.

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  • Wandering Minstrel (Jig)
  • Fasten the Leg In Her (Jig)
  • Charlie Harris' (Reel)
  • Mick O'Connor's (Reel)
  • Doughie McFay's (Reel)
  • Andy Dickson's (Reel)
  • Wheels of the World (Jig)
  • Pat McGillarney's (Jig)
  • Trip to Durrow (Reel)
  • The Ships Are Sailing (Reel)
  • Tarbolton (Reel)
  • Longford Collector (Reel)
  • Sailor's Bonnet (Reel)
  • Rose in the Heather (Jig)
  • Rambler (Jig)
  • Galtee Rangers (Reel)
  • The Gleanntan (Reel)
  • O'Callaghan's (Reel)
  • Hunter's Purse (Reel)
  • Congress (Reel)
  • O'Rourke's (Reel)
  • Lucky Penny (Jig)
  • Tobin's Favourite (Jig)
  • Haste to the Wedding (Jig)
  • Saddle the Pony (Jig)
  • Father O'Flynn's (Jig)
  • Blacksmith (Reel)
  • Cup of Tea (Reel)
  • Lad O'Beirne's (Reel)
  • Shetland Reel
  • Tatter Jack Walsh (Jig)
  • Garret Barry (Jig)
  • Volunteer (Reel)
  • Old Pigeon on the Gate (Reel)
  • Flax in Bloom (Reel)
  • Dairy Maid (Reel)
  • Scholar (Reel)
  • Teetotaller (Reel)
  • St. Anne's (Reel)
  • Whelan's (Jig)
  • Clare Jig
  • Humours of Glendart (Jig)
  • Humours of Ballydaly (Slide)
  • Dan O'Keeffe's (Slide)
  • Brosna Slide No. 1 (Slide)
  • Brosna Slide No. 2 (Slide)
  • Connie O'Connell's (Jig)
  • Frost is All Over (Jig)
  • High Road to Sligo (Jig)
  • Lark on the Strand (Jig)
  • Knights of St. Patrick (Jig)
  • Mulhaire's (Reel)
  • Roger Sherlock's (Reel)
  • Rolling in the Rye Grass (Reel)
  • Duke of Leinster (Reel)
  • Wind That Shakes the Barley (Reel)
  • Munster Buttermilk (Jig)
  • Humours of Lisheen (Jig)
  • Padraig O'Keefe's (Slide)
  • Dark Girl in Blue (Slide)
  • Kaiser (Slide)
  • Orphan (Jig)
  • Clancy's (Jig)
  • Dan Collin's Father's (Jig)
  • Broken Pledge (Reel)
  • Crib of Perches (Reel)
  • Geoghegan's (Reel)
  • Jacket of Batteries (Reel)
  • Templehouse (Reel)
  • Kiss Me Kate (Reel)
  • Gallagher's Frolics (Jig)
  • Bims ag Ol (Jig)
  • Have A Drink With Me (Jig)
  • Cordal (Jig)
  • An d'tiocfaidh tu abhaile liom? (Jig)
  • Humours of Ballinafad (Jig)
  • Thadelo's (Barndance)
  • No Name (Barndance)
  • No Name (Polka)
  • Lackagh Cross (Polka)
  • No Name (Polka)
  • Tuar Mor No. 1 (Polka)
  • Tuar Mor No. 2 (Polka)
  • Hayden's Fancy (Polka)
  • Drowsey Maggie (Reel)
  • Cooley's (Reel)
  • Wise Maid (Reel)
  • Free and Easy (Reel)
  • Drunken Landlady (Reel)
  • Mulvihill's (Reel)
  • Silver Spear (Reel)
  • Miss McCloud's (Reel)
  • Miss Monaghan's (Reel)
  • Miss Johnson's (Reel)
  • Miss Langford's (Reel)
  • Red Haired Lass (Reel)
  • Monsignor's Blessing (Reel)
  • Limerick Lasses (Reel)
  • Fermoy Lassies (Reel)
  • Hand Me Down the Tackle (Reel)

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